Druid City Arts Festival

Sat, 03/27/2010 - 3:00pm

The Druid City Arts Festival aims to highlight artists within Tuscaloosa and the surrounding area through a large, interactive community event. The festival seeks to encourage community members to embrace diversity within
Tuscaloosa by finding the common bonds that inherently exist within
the enjoyment of the arts.

DCAF Schedule

2pm -9pm  All Ages, Free and Open to the Public

2pm          The Alabama Blues Project Advance Band
3pm          Sparrow and the Ghost
4pm          Kate Taylor
5pm          The Blue Party
6pm          The Hypsys
7:30pm     Act of Congress

After Party
$5 Wristband serves as your cover to the following venues.

Little Willies– Ages 19+
10:30pm   Taylor Hollingsworth
11:30pm   Bandar-log
12:30am   Blaine Duncan and the Lookers

The Booth– Ages 19+   
10:30pm   a2z                                                                            
11:30pm   El Cantador                                                             
12:30am   Callooh! Callay!        

Egan’s – Ages 21+
10:30pm   Rebecca Marshall
11:30pm   The Motions
12:30am   Baak Gwai

Innisfree– Ages 19+
10:30pm   MaestroPandamonium
11:30pm   Alice in Thunderland
12:30am   Kadesh and the Perfect Strangers

Brown’s Corner– Ages 19+
10:30pm   Elle Claytor
11:30pm   Johnny Hayes 
12:30am   Ben Joseph


DCAF Music Acts

Headliner: Act of Congress

Taylor Hollingsworth, Kate Taylor, Baak Gwai, Callooh! Callay!, The Hypsys, Alice in Thunderland, The Blue Party, Sparrow and the Ghost, The Motions, Rebecca Marshall, Alice in Thunderland, Kadesh and the Perfect Strangers, a2z, El Cantador, Blaine Duncan and the Lookers, Elle Claytor, Maestro Pandemonium and Bandar-log

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