The Intern Experience

An Intern experience at Creative Campus is like being put on a circus-style tight rope in the real world with a safety net beneath you. Even if you fall, you're still part of the show, and you go home knowing how to improve your performance. You become part of a team made up of members with interests and talents different from your own. You learn how to rely upon your team members, and you allow members to rely upon you. You learn to be a leader, an influencer, an organizer, a communicator, and a helper--five roles that are critical to any organization.

A buzzword in today's working world is "interdisciplinary." At Creative Campus, you learn to fuse together multiple arts, sciences, cultures, and talents. The insights you gain from interning with Creative Campus will make you an extremely interdisciplinary individual. Within the walls of Creative Campus' office in Maxwell Hall (and even outside of them), you learn how to make things happen. You learn to delegate and balance workload. Interning is about learning the process and enhancing your skills. 

An internship at Creative Campus isn't just a resume builder--it's a kick start to an enjoyable sort of professionalism.

Becoming an Intern

Creative Campus is NOW accepting applications for 2010-2011 Internships.  By submitting this online application before spring break you become eligible for all CC internships. APPLY NOW!!

Interested in being a part of Creative Campus? Contact Alexis Clark at, or give the office a call at (205) 348-7887.

Types of Interns

Full-year interns are either paid or receive internship credit through their college and work from 10 to 20 hours a week. Full-year interns are the heart of Creative Campus, and, while working their internship, are the people who turn ideas into action. They, at times, work on their own ideas that are generated from within the Creative Campus Initiative, and, at times, they work on ideas that are offered to CCI from outside sources, like the faculty/staff or community members. These internships offer the most flexibility and opportunity to learn through collaboration.

Project-based interns come on for five or six weeks for a specific assignment and are either paid, receive independent study credit, internship credit through their college, or are unpaid. Essentially, project-based interns are employed to turn specific ideas into action in a specific time frame. The interns present a collaborative idea to the Creative Campus staff in a proposal, and, upon review, the intern is hired based on the potential of the proposed project as well as the qualifications of the project based intern. We are actively seeking project based internships proposals at all times throughout the year, but may also choose to hire a project-based intern out of the full year internship applicants. A project-based internship with Creative Campus is ideal for the student who wants to implement an awesome idea, but cannot commit an entire year to CCI.



"What is special and unique about The University of Alabama's Creative Campus is the way in which it is student-centered. Everything we do involves the student interns, and that has proven to be so noteworthy that Ohio State University has studied what we're doing, as have representatives from the United Kingdom Arts Council, to see the value of a student-centered initiative. Other institutions work to deepen arts experiences on and off campus. But, to my knowledge, there is nowhere else in the United States where an initiative is so focused on the work and activity of undergraduate and graduate students."

--Dr. Hank Lazer, Associate Provost for academic affairs and Executive Director of the Creative Campus.