Black Tie Pie

At the Bama Theatre on February 4th, 2010, the Greensboro PieLAB and UA’s Creative Campus teamed up to bring Tuscaloosa a night of entertainment for the benefit of the PieLAB. The night included an open social hour for people to learn more about the involved organizations.

Once everyone trickled into the theatre, a video was shown that was produced by the PieLab about the nature of their organization, and following that, the emcees kicked off an hour of variety show entertainment. Attendees were treated to performances from Alabama’s Theatre and Dance Department on behalf of the organizations Dance, Alabama! And Alpha Psi Omega theatre honor fraternity.

At intermission, we served individual serving chocolate pies [which were completely delicious], and then everyone returned to the theatre to hear a second-act set by Nashville Singer Songwriter Amy Stroup—who sand a mix of covers [Ring of Fire, Landslide] and original tracks.

The event had good support from the Tuscaloosa art community, bringing out around 70-80 attendees on a competitive Thursday night, and ultimately help raise a decent amount of funding in order to aide the PieLAB in Greensboro.

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