Colleen Jennings-Roggensack

Creative Campus prides itself in the presentation of ideas and people as much as it does the success of intern projects. The first visitor of 2008-2009 was Mrs. Colleen Jennings-Roggensack. Her work with performing arts activities at Arizona State University gave her a wide range of experiences and inspiration for promoting the arts and community. Audience members at her lecture were privy to unique and engaging ways of promoting community involvement in presenting the arts. Jennings-Roggensack's perspectives were enlightening and encouraging to those in interdisciplinary fields.
Jennings-Roggensack shared with the group about a unique performance concept - eMotion. The eMotion performance was one where student dancers conveyed motions captured in real time by a visual tracking system, with programming assistance provided in collaboration with the ASU computer and engineering departments. Colleen not only showed the video of the performance and explained it, but she described the process she took on gaining insight about a new technology with dance and how the creative thinking process comes into play. It is not about putting on an event, it is about building relationships and connecting different kinds of people to these artistic new age features.  The heart of Colleen's visit centered on building collaboration. She mentioned some of the successful events hosted by ASU and how connecting communities is key to making events successful.
Jennings-Roggensack also had a chance to meet Creative Campus interns directly and listened to some of the current project ideas. "I feel that we all gained something from her knowledge in the field of creativity," said Graduate Intern Josh Sahib. "She gave us valuable advice on how to make current projects effective."
The visit was very enriching because it showed how the creative and collaborative processes have been successful at another major university, in turn giving UA students information on possible directions to take to succeed in future projects for UA and Tuscaloosa. Her emphasis on community played a large role in some of the projects that developed throughout the year.