Druid City Arts Festival

Creative Campus, in conjunction with Tuscaloosa’s Small Towns and Downtowns, presents

Saturday, March 27, 2010

What is it?

The Druid City Arts Festival aims to highlight artists within Tuscaloosa and the surrounding area through a large, interactive community event. The festival
seeks to encourage community members to embrace diversity within
Tuscaloosa by finding the common bonds that inherently exist within
the enjoyment of the arts.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for any and all local musicians, from bands to solo acts, that play original music. We have no criteria in terms of genre, style, group size, etc.—just that you or your group’s selection of music is predominantly original.

Why should you be a part of it?

- Perform in the first ever local music festival in Tuscaloosa
- Gain local and statewide publicity
- Create valuable ties and connections with other local musicians in the area
- Share your talent with your community
- Support an important cause…Benefits of the Druid City Music Festival will go to create a Tuscaloosa Arts Education Grant!

How do you get involved?

Interested musicians: send us your music!
Email us a Youtube video or MySpace page, send us mp3s or other audio files—anything that gives us a sampling of your work.
The priority deadline to submit your music is January 15, 2010.

Send your music, questions, and comments to:


Project Lead: Beth Hataway

Contact Beth


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