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GameJam: 10.29.09 - 01.31.10

Over the past few months, some UA students have been battling classes while battling the equal stresses of creating a video game. Game Jam originally started as a contest intended for many, but a small group who just purely wanted to make a video game fueled it to its end.

The 17 strangers were grouped together into two development teams affectionately named Team 1 and Team 2. Each had talents in programming, art, music, or game design and pooled their talents to create video games for Microsoft's XNA platform, making them Xbox 360-ready. They had three months to develop prior to demonstrating the results at Pixel Con, a video gaming convention also hosted by Creative Campus with ABXY. One of the games debuted at Pixel Con successfully deployed on an Xbox 360.

At present, it's up to the owners of the project what they do with their games.

Game Jam was made possible through several collaborators. Sarah
Marshall from the University of Alabama Art Department served as an art mentor to the participants, Chris Kozak served as a music mentor, and Jacob Hartin as an XNA consultant. The Computer Science department helped in making connections for this event, and Creative Campus helped with marketing, making connections, and funded this event.

Lead Intern: Paul Kilgo

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