PixelCon: A Convention for Gamers

WHEN: January 31st, 2010 from 11AM - 10PM

LOCATION: 3rd Floor Ferguson Center at the University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa, AL

This is a FREE event!


To put it simply, PixelCon is a convention in the honor of gaming! The gaming world is one that has consistently proven its popularity, and includes several demographics all over the world. It is an extremely interesting aspect of our modern culture, and we felt a convention dedicated to gaming could show some much needed appreciation to all of the different components of the gaming communities. PixelCon will follow a layout similar to several popular conventions.  The convention plans to include:

=- An Art Showcase for Gamer-inspired artwork!
=- Cosplay Contest!
=- Panel discussions exploring different aspects of the gaming world!
=- Gaming tournaments in the form of First Person Shooter,  Sports, and Brawl!
=- Gamer-inspired musical acts!
=- Interactive art activities!
=- Booths reserved for vendors relative to gaming (SWAG!)
=- A Retro Gaming Room; a place to play classic video games on original consoles!
=- Possible Table-top Gaming!
=- Possible RPG Gaming!
=- Showcase of contestant work submitted for Game Jam, a contest put on by Paul Kilgo that challenges teams to develop a game using XNA software!
=- Rock Band Contest!


The goal of PixelCon is to help raise awareness of various local gaming communities, while also showcasing the multifaceted talents and contributions to the arts inspired by gaming.  We see a very important need to provide these game-inspired artists an environment that is relevant to their field of interest, and will give them a higher sense of appreciation. This convention will also introduce career-oriented individuals to information that will help in their guidance within the gaming occupational field.  This convention will serve as an informative yet fun event that includes several different elements that will keep attendees busy all day!   

You don't have to be a hardcore gamer to attend. The gaming world is vast, so come one & come all to experience the fun activities, talents, and possibilities of PIXELCON!

Reasons to attend:

Join us for the COSPLAY contest by dressing up as your favorite gaming characters for PRIZES!
Join in the gaming tournaments and win CASH PRIZES!
Join in the ROCK BAND CONTEST, and let the crowd decide! Bring your own band, or form one at the convention!
Visit the RETRO GAMING ROOM to play some of your old time classic favorites on original consoles!
Check out the NEW GAMES developed by UA students participating in the GAME JAM contest! Winners of this contest will be announced at the culmination of the event.
Check out informative PANEL discussions and presentations!
Find your way to a CAREER in gaming through advice and guidance from experienced individuals related to the field!
Experience multiple MUSICAL ACTS inspired by gaming!


Registration for this event will be available online at www.creativecampus.ua.edu. If you register online, you will receive a badge and booklet on the day of the convention. On-site registration will also be available the day of the convention, but will not include a badge.

This is an ALL DAY event, so feel free to stop by anytime! A schedule of events will be available soon for your convenience.



*Are you an ARTIST interested in presenting your game-inspired artwork for the showcase? Let us know!

We are currently accepting submissions in various mediums. You can contribute one piece, or even a small series of your work!

SUBMIT a picture(s) and description of your work to UAPIXELCON@GMAIL.COM before JANUARY 25th 2010.

*Are you an ORGANIZATION or BUSINESS interested in participating? Let us know!

Please contact us with any inquires at:  UAPIXELCON@GMAIL.COM
Find out more about CREATIVE CAMPUS at www.creativecampus.ua.edu or Facebook page.

Find out more about ABXY at www.limitedlives.com or their Facebook Group ABXY GAMING NETWORK



Lead Intern: Erin Smelley

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