Rock the Runway 2010

Rock the Runway Promo

2010 Rock The Runway Video

Travis Mackey - Designer

Dress to impress January 21st  at 8 pm for the third year of Rock the Runway, sponsored by Creative Campus, Fashion, Inc, and University Programs. The event will be held in the Ferguson Ballroom.  Rock the Runway is a student run fashion show with only University of Alabama student designers. Not only will up-and-coming designers rock the runway, but student musicians, photographers and documentary teams will introduce their works to the public. The show is free for students, as well as the community.

Although Rock the Runway is an annual event, this year’s fashion show will be a collaborative effort from many different faculties of art. Rock the Runway strives to provide an artistic outlet for students in fashion, photography, and music, as well as to provide an educational experience to the audience, exposing them to high fashion, fashion photography, and a local musical experience. 

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