Unbound Art Show 2010

On the 4th of March, the Tuscaloosa community came together to celebrate artists with an exceptional amount of drive and talent. From 5 p.m. till 9 p.m. Harrison Galleries in downtown Tuscaloosa was full from front to back with people who had come to see the second annual Unbound Art Show.

The Unbound Art Show is a signature event of the Creative Campus Assembly, the student organizations under the umbrella of the Creative Campus. This event is the culmination of a unique partnership between the Office of Disability Services and VSA Arts of Alabama. This year’s exhibit showcased local artists Abigail Hardin, Tawny Fowler, and Kristy Goodman, each of which had their own special segment of the gallery.

Along with these local artists, Unbound also featured two nationally recognized artists. One artist, Ricky Trione, is a blind artist from Fairhope, Alabama who returned as a guest in this year’s Unbound. He uses a textured paint to create vivid compositions made with bright colors. Trione’ work normally involves plants, scenes or wild life that can be found on the eastern shore where he grew up. Along with Trione, this year’s show also featured Mrs. Trisston Wright- Borrows.  Wright-Borrows was named Miss Wheelchair America/ Alabama in 2005. Her artwork uses a wide variety of colors. Many of her paintings are landscapes that feature trees and mountains as well as lush coasts.

The Unbound Art Show is the fruition of a dream of two Creative Campus Interns, Amanda Barnes and Michael Wynn. Barnes and Wynn have been working together on Unbound since its inception. When asked what she thought was the most interesting part of the show, Barnes said, “Sometimes people are intimidated to approach someone in a wheelchair or with a disability, Unbound was able to break down that barrier and encourage social interaction through art.”

Michael Wynn, president of the Creative Campus assembly, said that more than the festivities and the excitement surrounding the opening, it is the stories of the people that make the show worthwhile. “You see these phenomenal pieces of art and somehow they pale in comparison to the magnitude of the stories of the artists. They are so gracious and so honored to get to be exhibited. It’s the type of experience that you truly feel changed after.”

Featured video from The Unbound Art Show 2009:

Lead Interns: Michael Wynn & Amanda Barnes

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