What's the BIG IDEA?

This webform serves as the first official submission of an idea for consideration as a potential Creative Campus collaborative project.  We ask that you give us as much information as possible when you complete this form.  However, don't be intimidated by it! 

We really do want to collaborate with you if we can!  If you don't feel ready to take this step just contact us and we'll figure out the best way to start - together!


Proposals must be submitted no later than six weeks prior to project start date.

Enter a brief title that can be used to refer to your idea.

A brief description of your idea. (500 characters or less recommended)

Discuss your time line of implementation of this project. Specifically cite projected event date or project end date.

Big Idea proposals must be submitted six weeks prior to project start date.

List all potential collaborative partners. This could range from campus departments to community members. Cite specific individuals you have already talked to.

What is the projected budget necessary to turn your idea into action? Guesstimates Welcome!

Priority is given to Big Ideas that seek partnership and collaboration. Creative Campus does provide consultation and financial support for special project in the arts. Though, we always welcome conversation.

Please indicate the appropriate level of affiliation

Expanded: Includes goals, how it is mission related, how involved is Creative Campus in this project, how does the campus and surrounding community benefit from this project, how unique is this project (has it been done before?). Define the audiences (community, UA, interest group, age range, etc.) Who do you want to be in the program? Is this a singular project or a reoccurring event? Have you checked the availability of the date you proposed? (ie- athletics calendar, theater and dance calendar, other community events)

Support Materials

If you have any additional supporting material (from video files to partner logos), please attach them here. In the file, please name them your idea title and a descriptor.

For example, SketchYourStoryFlier

Do you already have graphic design or advertising materials that you are bringing to this project? If so, please upload your image.

Enter your preferred email address for communication regarding this idea.